Times of Israel: A story of survival – The Annapurna Himalayan tragedy

It was time for morning prayers at the Chabad Jewish center in Pokhara, Nepal, last Thursday. The rabbi had rented space for the festive Simhat Torah services in a small hotel in the very serene North Lakeside area of the city. But it was not a peaceful morning. Far from it.

At 11 a.m., a group of female Israeli backpackers marched into the hotel lobby, bags around their backs and chests, poles in their hands. They kept it together, for a few last moments. But as soon as they spotted their friends, the dams holding back their fear and tension gave way and they immediately collapsed in tears on the floor of the Nepali guest house.

The group had just returned from Annapurna, survivors of the deadly snowstorm and avalanche. [Read]

Ynet News: Israel Holds Offshore Oil Spill Drill

Environmental Protection Ministry teams with Navy, Natural Parks Service and EAPC to hold exercise simulating maritime environmental disaster.

Despite the lack of an official contingency plan to deal with an offshore environmental disaster, the Environmental Protection Ministry held a drill simulating a large oil spill off the shores of Israel…

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Ynet News: Dying patient will fly to France for liver transplant [Hebrew]

בשעות האחרונות חלה החמרה משמעותית במצבה של שירלי מרדר בת ה-27, שמצבה מוגדר אנוש. הפגיעה הקשה בכבד, שכפי שפורסם לראשונה נגרמה בשל שימוש במשככי כאבים מסוג נורופן, הובילה גם לפגיעה מוחית. למרות ההחמרה החליטו בני משפחתה והרופאים להטיסה לצרפת – בתקווה ששם יימצא לה כבד מתאים

להמשך הכתבה

Ynet News: 27-year-old suffers critical liver failure due to painkillers [Hebrew]

בניסיון נואש להציל את חייה החליטו הוריה של שירלי מרדר בת ה-27, שנמצאת במצב אנוש בעקבות שימוש בנורופן, להטיס אותה לצרפת. ההורים מקווים כי שם תמצא לה תרומת כבד מתאימה, לאחר שלא נמצאה כזו בארץ. בעקבות הפרסום הגיעו רבים לבית החולים בילינסון בתקווה לתרום לה אונת כבד – אך בשל מצבה מסרו הרופאים כי הדבר אינו אפשרי

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Ynet News: ‘They said I’d die at 12 years old’, CF Patient Makes it to 40 [Hebrew]

אורן קוזלובסקי אובחן כשהיה תינוק כחולה בסיסטיק פיברוזיס, ולא צפו שיחיה אחרי גיל 12. בגיל 36 הוא עבר השתלת ריאות שהצילה את חייו, וכמעט מיד חזר לרכוב על האופנוע האהוב שלו, כולל במסלול המירוצים עם אינפוזיה וחמצן

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Ynet News: Giuliani: ‘Iran must not become nuclear power’

The former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, who once ran to become the head of the Republican Party, was the guest of honor at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s 90th anniversary celebrations, held on Tuesday night in Haifa’s Congress Center.

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Ynet News: Israeli Start-Up Companies Compete for Funding

Israel’s status around the world may be controversial these days, but one thing is apparently agreed by all– the Israeli mind, as far as technological innovations are concerned, is a brand that’s worth a lot of money. [Read in English / Hebrew]

The Jewish Week: Undocumented Israeli workers in New York City

Every year around Christmas, hundreds of Israelis come to work illegally in the U.S. Most sell various products that require demonstration in shopping mall carts across the country… [Read]

Matchmaking in the Jewish community

In their Wednesday evening meeting, 20 excited middle-aged women gather around the table with their notes. One by one, they each get a turn to stand up and present their cards for the purpose of swapping. They are not swapping baseball cards. They are looking to swap people, for the purpose of marriage… [Read]

Childhood obesity in Brooklyn

Eleven-year-old Patrick walked back and forth in the narrow corridor of the Pediatrics department at Brookdale Hospital in Brooklyn. He repeatedly popped his head into the Care Coordinator’s office, catching his breath and motioning to his mom that he wanted to leave. “Flag him as an extremely high-risk patient,” the department head told the coordinator. The head, Dr. Sarita Dhuper, was alarmed about Patrick’s acute obesity. [Read]

Hazardous toys still sold on New York City store shelves

This year marks the “Year of the Recall” with at least 23 million hazardous toy products recalled, and yet, it seems like not much has been learnt. In a Manhattan press conference today, the New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG), a consumer watchdog, demonstrated that hazardous toys are still being sold on New York City store shelves and across the country… [Read]

New York State post-mortem publicity rights stir debate

After a famous person dies in New York State, his or her name and photos are fair game. Items like T-shirts with celebrity images and prints of celebrity photographs do not require the approval of the celebrity’s family or estate.
Some people want to change that… [Read]

Stem-cell biology triggered business in Manhattan

Stem cells are viewed as medical technology’s next horizon, and scientists today gathered in Manhattan to attract funding for their projects, and present new ideas to businessmen seeking insight to their next potential investments.
Stem cells have been proven to help in all aspects of medicine including the heart, the immune system, the muscles, with nerve damage and nerve repair.
Recently, there has been a lot of publicity around the subject of stem cell research, which is finally coming to life and starting to be used on patients.
“The results have been transformational for some patients…” [Read]

At a time of economic instability, luxury maintains its status in Manhattan

This week marks Fashion Week in New York City with designers showcasing their most recent work of art. Models, designers and producers are running around inside the big white tent in Bryant Park, in attempt to promote the styles that will dominate world-wide stores next season… [Read]

Citizens protest as Ahmadenijad makes his way to the United Nations

People in uniforms beat and hung prisoners yesterday in broad daylight, right outside of the United Nations in Manhattan.
This public display was part of a very graphic demonstration against the Iranian regime led by Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadenijad.

“We are helping to highlight the violation of human rights going on daily in Iran…” [Read]